S2E13 – Bill, Glenn and Branden Hickman – Hickman’s Family Farms

We’re joined by three generations of leaders from Hickman’s Family Farms – Bill Hickman, Sr., Glenn Hickman, and Branden Hickman. Each one shares stories and insights I know you will enjoy and learn from.

Gertie and Bill Hickman, Sr., Glenn Hickman, and Branden Hickman

They share some unique insights to being part of a family business, engaging with community, the importance of education, and how they approach changing production requirements in response to customer demands for products such as cage-free eggs.


Arizona’s Future of Education Vision event on 12/12/17 (Glenn mentioned in the podcast)

Dirty Jobs w/ Mike Rowe at Hickman’s Family Farms (Season 4, Episode 25)

Arizona Chamber of Commerce



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