S2E9 – Justin Gray – LeadMD

This week we talk with Justin Gray, the CEO and founder of LeadMD, co-founder of PaidSuite,  co-owner of Greyson Organics (an organic farm in rural Missouri), and co-founder of Six Bricks.

Justin, who grew up in Fountain Hills and attended the University of Arizona, talks with us about his passion for entrepreneurship and modern-day marketing – topics he has written and spoken about extensively.  Justin has been published over 300 times in industry publications and holds his own column, Tribal Knowledge in Inc., as well as featured contributor statuses with Entrepreneur and others.

We cover a wide range of topics including how he approaches writing (and why it is important for marketers to hone this skill), when should founders get out of the way, the importance of culture and values governing behavior, his views on unicorns and hiring, empathy, and the concept of 1+1=4.

Also, check out Justin’s podcast – Driven & Co. – which examines guests’ “unconventional roads to leadership.”  Great stuff!


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